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sleep you both need

Sleep is a vital part in your baby's development. Prolonged periods of over tiredness can be harmful.

it is crucial to create a bedtime ritual, employ safe sleeping solutions and looking out for cues of tiredness. 

My baby sleep solution guide will detail a wide range of methods, tips, advice and proven solutions to help your child in self soothing themselves into getting a fantastic sleep.

Both you and your child will reap the rewards from this guide!

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Hi, I'm Mary-Ann Schuler, a parent and author.

I am Mary-Ann, I am an author of a well recognised set of parenting guides, the most popular being based on sleep for babies and toddler. My book details a wide range of tips, solutions and ideas for getting your child to self settle and sooth themselves in a deep, peaceful sleep. Not only will your child get all of the goodness they need from their sleep, so will you! 

Discover the importance of sleep for babies and toddlers

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It is vitally important that babies and toddlers get enough sleep and rest. Developing a routine for your child is a great way to aid peaceful sleep and cognitive development. See how the Baby Sleep Solution can help you in achieving this.

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What Well Rested Parents Say

“The Baby Sleep Solution helped me and my husband no end. Not only is our baby now sleeping through the night, we are also managing to get some well deserved rest of our own! We can not recommend this enough to other new parents out there!”

Loren S.

“My wife and I were starting to think that we were doing something wrong and that it was our fault our baby wasn't sleeping. This guide has shown us exactly how we can help our baby self settle and get a decent nights sleep .”

Mathew M.

“Already having had children, I thought I knew exactly what to do. However my baby would just not sleep. The Baby Sleep Solution was my last option, but I wish it was my first! Within 2 days of trying the methods, my baby was sleeping through the night!”

Danielle B.