Getting Baby To Sleep In Crib

Updated: Aug 4

If you have a newborn or a toddler, you’d know how intense measures there are to be taken to make them stick to their routine. Apart from crying and feeding, there is one more thing that baby needs the most in their routine: sleeping.

According to doctors, the process of getting baby to sleep in crib is much safer than having them sleep in the bed. Sharing the same bed with a baby can create chances for SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Most people don’t know about it, but cribs are made for a reason: they create a safe boundary wall for your children and provide them the safest environment to sleep.

So even if your baby wants to keep cuddling you while you sleep or when they want to share the bed with you, it is your responsibility to separate them and put them down in the crib. After all, safety is every parents' topmost concern.


The babies can sleep in your arm, in your bed right beside you, even in the stroller, so why sometimes it is so difficult for parents to get them to sleep in a crib?

getting baby to sleep in crib

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Getting Baby To Sleep In Crib

Well, when your baby was in the womb, they had a comfortable territory, they were wrapped up and felt secured. Now when they are sent to sleep in the crib alone and open, it is no surprise that it would be difficult for them. So here are some tips and tricks for parents to help in getting baby to sleep in crib.

  1. Set a positive sleep environment. Keep the crib in your own room, at least for the first 6 months or a year.

  2. Keep the temperature of the room cool. Babies find it hard to sleep when they are hot.

  3. Your baby will never sleep in a crib if he is not dressed well according to the room's temperature. In order to make your baby comfortable in a crib, dress them in the sleeper. Sleeper should not be very heavy or extremely fit. Remember, it is not for them to look good – it is to make them comfortable.

  4. Swaddling them can add more to the comfort and security. Though you should keep in mind that swaddling should be stopped once your baby is able to roll over sides.

  5. The noise of any kind should not reach the crib.

  6. Keep the lighting as low as possible in the room around the crib.

  7. A mother's smell is what the baby is fond of. If a mother can sleep with the baby's sheet and then give them to the baby in the crib, it will soothe the baby and helps getting baby to sleep in crib.

Apart from these things, it should be kept in mind that there must be a sleeping routine. Although babies never run on a routine, they sleep whenever they want. But if there is a routine, being in a crib will hint them that it’s time to sleep and they’ll eventually get used to it.

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