How To Get 6 Month Old To Sleep Peacefully Through The Night

Most 6 month-olds sleep at least 14 to 15 hours a day. They’re also capable of sleeping for long durations.

However, when a baby is 6 to 9 months old, they tend to take long naps in the mornings and afternoons which makes it difficult for them to sleep through the whole night – and this is where parents wonder about how to get 6 month old to sleep during the night.


But if your baby is able to sleep at least 8 hours consistently in the night, it means you’re raising a child with a perfect sense of sleep.

However, if the kid is not sleeping through the night and having trouble sleeping, it doesn’t mean that it’s a major problem; it is just that somethings keep your baby disturbing during the night like hunger, separation-anxiety, teeth-pain, and other usual baby problems.

For all these problems, there are certain ways – but those remedies don’t help with the sleeping problem. What helps with sleeping are some basic steps that you can take as a parent to your 6-month old.

how to get 6 month old to sleep

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How To Get 6 Month Old To sleep

There are some tips and tricks that provide you a solution to how to get 6 month old to sleep undisturbed during the night. Following them can be pretty beneficial for you and the baby.

  1. Develop a bedtime routine. It is the most effective clinical solution for babies who have trouble sleeping. It helps them understand the timing of their sleep, and eventually, they fall into the perfect sleep pattern.

  2. Bedtime rituals can also be pretty helpful. It can be storybook reading or a lullaby. But make sure that it is done on the same night and with the same pattern every night, babies tend to learn and obey if there is a specific schedule.

  3. Keep that schedule consistent, no matter what. Babies can be stubborn and rebellious, but as a parent, it is your job to stay on the schedule.

  4. After 6 months, your child should start learning to sleep on his own. That can be happening if you put down your baby a while before he closes his eyes. He will, obviously, cry. But you should at least wait a few minutes instead of instantly attending them.

  5. Put your 6-month-old on the bed earlier. For instance, if the baby's timing is sleeping at 8:30 pm, and he sometimes shows signs of sleep trouble, you can put them down on a bed at least half an hour earlier at 8pm. It could be useful for overtired babies and sooner or later, it will help the baby to sleep peacefully.

Following the above steps is how to get 6 month old to sleep without trouble. It is indeed not a point to worry if your 6-month old is not sleeping good at night. It is just a minor problem that almost all parents counte with. In the case of any seriousness and extreme stubbornness, contact your doctor.

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