How To Get A Newborn Into A Sleep Routine

It can be a bit of a challenge to make your newly born child follow a routine. They have just arrived in the world and are confused. In this guide, we are going to teach you how to get a newborn into a sleep routine.

Unlike before, we are going to elaborate it in a further organized manner and divide the process into weeks to make it simpler for you to understand and follow.

Natural Tendency Of Sleeping

Before you put your baby into a schedule, make sure you observe their natural sleep routine for a day or two. The newborns sleep a lot. They often take several sleeping sessions a day.

When you are aware of your baby’s natural sleep routine, it will get more comfortable for you to form a timetable for your child to manage their activities.


The First Week

We are going to provide you with a thorough idea of what you need to do. Wake them up early in the morning. Feed them until they are full. Then you have to play with the baby. After about two to three hours, put them back to sleep.

Let them take a nap of about another 2 to three hours. Wake them up, feed, play, and repeat.

how to get a newborn into a sleep routine

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Next Week

This week, you have to teach the baby about the difference between day and night. In the daytime, when the baby is awake, make sure that you have opened windows and turned on the lights. The whole idea is to keep things quite bright.

Then at night, around eight pm, when you are done feeding and cuddling with the baby, put the baby to sleep. But before, make sure to turn off the lights and keep everything dark. This would notion the baby that it is night and time for a long sleep.

The Third Week

This is the time when you teach your little one to sleep on their own. The first step towards learning how to get a newborn into a sleep routine is not to let them get tired. For this, make sure you don't play too much with them and do not ask for responses as before.

The next thing to do when learning how to get a newborn into a sleep routine is to let them show signs of sleepiness and drowsiness. What this means is, when the baby starts rubbing eyes and yawning, let him do it for a few minutes.

Afterward, put them in their crib or Moses basket to sleep. Once they are cosy and sleepy, they would not require your aid in sleeping and will eventually learn to do it themselves.

Patience Is Virtue

The last step towards teaching you how to get a newborn into a sleep routine is to teach you to have patience. Do not forget that your baby is a human being and requires some time to adapt to changes. Keep composure, and things will sort out.

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