How to Get Baby to Sleep In Own Bed

It doesn’t matter whether they are toddlers or babies; it's always a big decision to stop sharing beds. In the case of babies, it can be hard because babies are adulated towards you, and it might be hard for them to let go.

The Baby Will Resist

If you are to learn how to get baby to sleep in own bed, then it is important to note that it would not be an easy task. Babies often do not accept the changes in their environments. There are several ways to fix this.


Develop A Sleep Routine

The first thing you need to do if you want to know how to get baby to sleep in own bed is to develop their sleeping routine. We won’t go in-depth on this topic as it would be a mere digression.

But in brevity, you need to ensure that the baby sleeps at the same time every night and wakes up every morning at almost the same time.

Comforting Phrases

Another critical factor that plays a crucial role in helping your baby to adjust is the assurance from the parent that they are there for the child. While some might say that the babies are too young to understand all that stuff, the reality is, however, a bit different.

Research has proven that comforting phrases, in which you assure your baby that you will be present to come for help, have a very positive effect on the child’s mind.

how to get baby to sleep in own bed

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Don’t Move Them Too Far Away

A common mistake parents do is that when they decide to stop bed-sharing, they move the child too far away from them. If they are separating rooms, they choose a place that is pretty distant from theirs.

This is an entirely wrong approach. As for babies, you would surely not move them out of the room. If they share the room with you, make sure that you can see each other from your beds. You can make the cot or bed of the baby a little higher so that it is easier for them to see you.

This is necessary so that, if the baby wakes up at night, they can see you and do not feel alone or left out.

Be Consistent

A common mistake made by the parents when learning how to get baby to sleep In own bed is that they are not consistent. A few nights, they would let the baby sleep on his own, but if someday the baby cries a lot, or the parents are just missing the child, they share beds again.

This destroys the routine and makes it unclear in the baby’s mind, whether he has to sleep with you or alone. Making this mistake will also make it hard for the parent, especially for the mother, to let go of the child.

Let go if you want to learn how to get baby sleep in own bed. Be consistent, and the child will slowly adapt to the new routine.

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