How To Get My Baby To Sleep | Tips And Tricks

Is the question ‘how to get my baby to sleep’ clouding your brain? Have you tried every instruction in your mommy guide but to no avail? Fret not because we will be sharing amazing tips and tricks to get your little one fast asleep in no time.

If you are new to parenting, you need to understand that every baby has his/her own nature. It is unfair to compare one baby’s habits and patterns to another. One baby might be a light sleeper, whereas another might be a good eater.

You must learn to accept that every baby takes his/her own pace to get things sorted out. Parents can make achieving their goals easier and hassle-free. Now that we have this basic concept covered, let’s get into the juicy details that you are waiting for.


Rest Your Brain

First thing’s first, you need to calm yourself down. Don’t overthink on questions such as ‘how to get my baby to sleep?’ By continually questioning your parenting skills and overthinking why your baby refuses to sleep will wear you down mentally. You need to accept that babies take their time settling down in their lives on Earth.

Try giving your baby some space for the first few months and watch his/her sleeping pattern. In the initial months, babies tend to mostly sleep throughout the day and night, occasionally getting up for feeds or a nappy change.

If your baby is colic, well, that’s a different ball game. Gas issues are a significant reason babies stay up crying. If your baby is gassier than usual, you should consult his/her paediatrician.

How to get my baby to sleep

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Give Your Baby Some Independence

Experts suggest that you let your baby self soothe rather than jumping in every time they wake up. What does this do? It kicks in their natural instincts and abilities to fall asleep by themselves.

Consider this scenario. You just put your baby down to sleep for the night. After a few hours, your little one wakes up. What do you do? Do you rush to go and pick him/her up and rock him/her to sleep? Or do you wait for a few minutes to see if they fall back asleep again?

If you always rush in to pick your baby up, your baby will consider it a sleeping ‘cue’ and will only fall asleep when you pick him/her up. You need to break this cycle and let your baby learn that he/she doesn’t need to be rocked to sleep.

Full Tummy

Another aspect to consider regarding the question of how to get my baby to sleep is making sure your baby has a full tummy. It is natural for a hungry baby to wake up again and again for a feed, which in return, disturbs the baby’s sleep cycle. As a result, you will end up with a hungry and tired baby who will refuse to sleep.

We hope we have given you useful tips if you’re always wondering ‘how to get my baby to sleep.’ Just go with the flow and watch everything settle in beautifully.

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