How To Get Your Newborn Into A Routine

It is a universal fact that newborn babies sleep a lot. Mothers will observe that their newborn will sleep for about 16-18 hours a day. It has been found that newborn babies cannot more than two hours.

Their sleep time will not last longer than this period. The newborn will start developing good sleep habits from the fifth week. Newborns will sleep less during the day and more at night.

Now at this point, he will develop natural circadian rhythms ( a process that regulates sleep-wake cycle). How to get your newborn into a routine? Many mothers ask the same question, here are a few things that you can do:


Keep the Swaddle tight

All the newborns possess a startle reflex in which they feel they are falling and the wake during sleep. If you are wondering how to get your newborn into a routine, try to make the newborn sleep in a tight swaddle.

How to get your newborn into a routine

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Help your newborn to differentiate between day and night

Differentiate between day and night routine. During day time when she/he wakes up change her clothes, play with her, while feeding, talk to her, switch on the lights, let her hear the noise in the house. At night take newborns to the room, change him into a night suit, keep lights and sound low, avoid talking while feeding him.

So this is one of many great ways for those women asking how to get your newborn into a routine?

Keep the color of the room low

Colors impact not only the layout of your room but also your body hormones. If the room has up with sharp colors, it will be harder for your baby to fall asleep.

Therefore while choosing the color scheme to keep in mind, blue is proven to be the best color and yellow as the second-best color to induce sleep; these colors have a soothing effect on the brain and hence impact sleeping and the sleep routine.

Dream Feed:

Dream feed means to feed your baby just before the mother goes to sleep. If you feed the baby just before you go to sleep, it will make the baby sleep longer and will help you also to have a sound sleep.

By feeding your baby at a certain time, you will increase the time of rest. Your baby will sleep 3-4 hours. Make sure dream feeding does not increase the time more than three hours because newborn tummies are small, and they need to be fed after a few hours. Make a proper schedule and follow it.


If you follow these simple steps consistently, you will never have to ask again how to get your newborn into a routine. If you don’t support them properly and consistently, your baby might not ever sleep and wake on time.

Be patient and take care of the feeding time. Lastly, sing her or him a relaxing lullaby since several researchers have proven that soothing sounds induce peaceful sleep.

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