How To Keep Baby Asleep

Updated: Aug 4

It has always been hard for the parents to attend to the needs of the child. One of them is how to keep baby asleep so that they can help themselves rest and freshen up.

Many factors account for the continuity of the baby’s sleep. If you make sure that these are considered for before you put the baby to sleep, he won’t wake up until it is time to wake up.

Satisfied Tummy Satisfied Mummy

Name a person who can sleep while they are hungry. Can’t you? Well, there is none. No person can do that, your stomach aches at that time, and you are not able to concentrate on your sleep.

The same is the case with the babies. If you are to ask the question of how to keep baby asleep, this is the first answer. Feed the baby and feed him sufficiently so that he does not have to wake up at night to ask you for more food/milk.

how to keep baby asleep

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Tap Their Backs

This method is the first solution in sending your child to a good night’s sleep. You asked how to keep baby asleep; this is the second answer. But, don’t tap the back too had that it hurts the baby. Be gentle and soothing.

Singing them some bedtime poems or humming or even chanting something would aid them in sleeping, provided the fact that the volume is not too high.


Another option you can avail of is to produce some rocking motion. Whether they are in the crib, the basket, or your arms, the rocking motion would remind them of the womb and make them fall asleep more peacefully.

Turn Off The Lights

If the room is full of light rays beaming everywhere, then it is most unlikely for your baby to sleep. Dim the lights and make sure that none of the light falls in the baby’s face. If possible, cover them a semi-opaque piece of cloth/sheet.

This is the third answer to your question of how to keep baby asleep.

Be Consistent In Sleep Timings

Make sure that you are following the same timings to set the routine for your child. This would aid them in creating and adapting to a sleeping routine, which will eventually lead them to fall asleep on their own.

One of the significant factors you need to take care of is not to let them sleep in the day. Often, parents think that their child is tired and needs to freshen up. Hence, they put the baby to sleep and then complain when the baby refuses to sleep at night.

Such actions would ruin the baby’s sleep cycle and can cause mood swings. What you can do, however, to freshen them up is to bath them or to engage with them. Start playing with them or tickle them slightly.

Follow these steps, and your baby will surely not disturb you in the night by waking you up.

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