How To Make Baby Sleep | Fast And Effective Ways

If you are a new parent who is always struggling with his/her baby’s sleeping pattern, look no more. We have compiled a few easy pointers about how to make baby sleep on time. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Before starting, you must understand that every baby is different. Don’t compare your baby’s sleeping or eating habit with another. With time and proper techniques, your baby will also master the art of sleeping through the night without a daily battle.

Avoid Rocking Or Bouncing Your Baby To Sleep

If you want a fool proof method of how to make baby sleep, you need to start at an early age. One major mistake that parents make with their newborns is rocking, bouncing or soothing them to sleep.

Babies develop a dependency on these rocking and soothing motions and will not sleep without them. It becomes a big hurdle when babies get older. They will refuse to sleep unless they are rocked or bounced.


How do you overcome this? You put your baby down to sleep as soon as they get drowsy. They will fall asleep on their own and this will help you in the future. Babies who learn how to sleep by themselves continue to do so as they get older and sleep throughout the night.

Early Bedtime

While trying to work out how to make baby sleep at night without any hassle, try putting your little one to bed early. Melatonin is a hormone that a baby’s body releases when he/she is around eight weeks old. It makes the baby drowsy and ready for sleep according to the setting time of the sun.

If you ignore the timing and delay your baby’s sleep time, the chances are that your baby will get overstimulated and it will be harder for him/her to fall asleep. So make sure you settle your little one down as soon as the sun goes down.

Naps Are Crucial

Day time naps are crucial for ensuring that your baby sleeps through the night with ease. If you are coping with how to make baby sleep undisturbed, make sure you set a day time napping schedule.

how to make baby sleep

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A baby that has had enough rest during the day automatically sleeps better at night. When you skip your baby’s naps in the hope of him/her sleeping throughout the night is a wrong approach. This increases their stress hormone and as a result, the baby will keep getting up and won’t be able to fall asleep again. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself.

Relax Your Mind

Parenting is anything but easy. It takes an obvious toll on your physical and mental health. So what if the baby isn’t sleeping as much as you want him/her to? Give everything some time. Eventually, everything will fall into place, before you know it, your little one will be sleeping through the night without a hassle. Relax and stay positive. After all, you can only look after the baby if you are healthy yourself.

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