How To Make Infant Sleep | A Baby Care Guide

Updated: Aug 4

Caring for an infant is very important as they are unable to do it themselves. The babies rely on their parents to meet their basic requirements and attend to their needs. But a common question in an infant’s care is how to make infant sleep?

Well, the answer is pretty simple yet complicated. Many factors need to be taken care of. If they are ignored, you might not succeed in providing your baby with the adequate amount and the desired quality of the sleep.

Tell Them When To Sleep

One thing that becomes a compulsion when learning how to make infant sleep is that you need to allow and teach your child to recognize day and night distinguishably. Many methods can be done to check this point.

The most popular and the most common is to keep things bright and noisy at day and dark and quiet at night.

how to make infant sleep

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How To Put Them To Sleep?

Now, let us move on to the main question, how to make infant sleep? To make an infant sleep, you have to start with food. Remember, no person can relax with a hungry stomach, and so is the case with babies.

So, feed your babies before you attempt to put them to sleep. Once you think that they have been fed to the full now starts the process of putting them to sleep.


You need to hold the infant in your arms, hug them, and start rocking them smoothly. If the baby were a bit older, he would’ve been rolled in a crib, but we here are talking about infants.

Along with rocking, sing them a symphonic poem or start humming or chanting.

Make sure that your voice is not too high that the baby is disturbed or too low that the baby can’t even hear it. You have to maintain a balance. You can also pat their backs gently and frequently to comfort them even further.

Once you think they are asleep, put them in the crib or their basket and keep on singing or humming for a few more minutes.

Set A Time And Stick To It

The next thing to remember if you are keen enough to learn how to make infant sleep is to stay consistent. Once you have set a time for their sleep, make sure that you stick to that time.

If you stay consistent, the baby will develop it as a habit, and gradually, they would put themselves to sleep after that. However, if you do not remain consistent, things can go otherwise.

Being inconsistent would leave your baby confused as they would not be sure what time is set for them to sleep or wake up. This confusion would eventually lead to a random sleeping habit in which the baby can ask at any time to be put to sleep.

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